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NCX is a proud distributer of quality printers, PABX systems, software and consumables for a complete office efficiency solution. Having been in business since 2008, we have seen the market change considerably in terms of trends and the type of technology available. The printing needs of companies are constantly evolving as well and we would like to keep you up to date with what’s happening in this industry. Make sure to visit our newsroom often for the latest information and developments.


Q: Do your employees hate your current office printers & scanners?

If your staff suffers from a fraught relationship with office technology, it is time to stop dismissing their complaints and take a closer look. Rather than insist that they make the best of a bad situation; transform the playing field for improved workflow and employee’ job satisfaction. Switching up your office print strategy can have immediate rewards. Equip and empower your workforce for success.


A: Save them time & get results!

A new office printer strategy incorporates modern technology and delivers key returns on investment including boosted productivity, better time and task management, enhanced mobility and security.

Say goodbye to device frustration and hello to Single Vendor Management and technological innovation that makes life in the office easier and improves the bottom line!


How? The advantages of a Single Vendor

Overcome a multitude of office pitfalls by committing to a single vendor. Working with a single vendor allows for compounding benefits that include:
• Concentrated supplier support & service that mitigates a confusing web of multiple suppliers all offering segmented support.
• Decreased costs resulting from streamlined usage, improved document management, and controlled consumption. A single vendor ensures that you do not lose track of consumables and spending stays within budget (or under).
• Easier management of billing & purchasing processes with a single vendor means less unnecessary time lost to admin.
• Less time invested dealing with individual device minutia translates into freeing up in-house IT resources to be better spent and having the correct replacement products when you need them.
• Stronger primary relationship allows for improved service delivery rather than cursory relationships with multiple providers.
• Regular maintenance, remote monitoring and trouble-shooting equals less employee frustration - as well-serviced capable devices deliver without downtime thus facilitating daily tasks leading to better workflow.

The best vendor for your company becomes a key part of your long-term Digitalization Strategy.


The Power of One – Multifunction Printers

Devices add up. Whether or not they are personal printers, multiple scanners, or a device for every office division; an over proliferation of tech devices can distract staff and make redundant demands upon resources.

Multifunction printers (MFDs) fix this and more. MFD’s combine the capabilities of numerous devices into one; this includes printing, scanning, copying, and faxing.

Rather than training staff on individual machines, an MFD requires that they only need to learn how to use one. The new breed of MFD’s boast an easy to learn, intuitive user-friendly interface(s), thus allowing your employees to accomplish more during workhours (whether in office or working remotely).

What do MFD’s provide?
• Less cost per page when compared with desktop printers
• Lowered paper and electricity consumption
• Reduced admin maintenance burden
• Fewer devices on-site: merge multiple devices into one or several key devices in centrally located areas
• Easy employee buy-in with intuitive interfaces and one type of device needing one training
Enhanced Security ; which is not to be under-valued.

Regardless of the organizational habits of individual employees, every single workforce player’s performance can benefit from Xerox Enterprise Content Management for improved document management that eliminates non-productive, ineffective ways of working.

Xerox Business Services empowers your team to truly work smarter, kick-starting digital transformation for improved workflow by simplifying these three core business processes:

• Enterprise Content Management
• Process Automation
• Collaboration and File-Sharing

NCX Press Solutions

NCX provides quality products and services to benefit businesses in South Africa:

• A complete solution tailored to your specific business priorities and in-line with spending requirements.
• A high number of available experts to assist when/as needed.
• An excellent reputation built over years of delivering quality customer satisfaction.
• A variety of financing options and pricing structures.
• An opportunity to truly streamline your document management systems and step towards digitalization.
• An Office Consultation to evaluate current infrastructure and provide constructive feedback from industry professionals.


Multi-function Works Printers:

NCX offers both VersaLink & AltaLink range of Xerox printers.

Xerox Versalink was created with small and medium sized businesses in mind. Devices within this range can fulfil the most basic printing needs or far more. This line of printers is popular for their ease of use as it utilizes Xerox’s premier ConnectKey technology.
Xerox Altalink possess many similar features to the Versalink range but these are scaled up to meet the needs of a larger enterprise business environment. Altalink also relies on ConnectKey technology but incorporates sophisticated security measures and increased connectivity options geared toward enterprise users.

Don’t battle through comparisons on your own; contact NCX today and benefit from our knowledge and understanding of the industry so that you choose the correct device and technology strategy. Contact NCX for information and a free quotation of Xerox Printers (Buy / Rent).

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